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About Totetude

Totetude is a dynamic educational program that enables children to think meaningfully, to interact through engaging communication, and to acquire an inspiration for lifelong learning. Children are motivated to learn though developmentally appropriate activities that foster curiosity and creativity. Furthermore, children have ample time set aside daily to explore their interests through unstructured play-based learning situations.

Weekly themes are integrated into the design of Totetude. Being exposed to new vocabulary and activities within a context prepares the learner for future cognitive development. Subsequent connections are easier to form and higher-level critical thinking skills are achieved sooner.

Totetude is not designed to be a commercially prepared curriculum that addresses only the average child. Instead, Totetude is a customizable program that allows for a virtually endless list of relevant activities. With on-line discussion boards and adaptable lessons, educators have the resources they need to feel confident in their abilities to guide, facilitate, and enrich the learning process.

Instruction is designed to be interactive and versatile while at the same time allowing for diversity and inclusion. To accommodate all children, Totetude incorporates a wide variety of teaching methodologies that enhance the learning process. In addition, educators are encouraged to actively participate with each child during the lesson in order to create a collaborative learning experience. Through questioning, responding, and observing, both the educator and the child will reinforce comprehension.

Evaluation is authentic and essential. It serves as a tool to identify strengths, stimulate personal reflection, and indicate growth. Evaluation is an on-going process that is performed by the child, the educator, and the parents/guardians on a regular basis.

The fundamental concepts of Benjamin Bloom and Howard Gardner are incorporated in the design of Totetude. Totetude is also aligned with North American government standards. In addition to Bloom and Gardner, further research was conducted on brain-based learning, effectiveness of learning during specific times of the day, and the effectiveness of retaining information.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.