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Title: Thursday FEELING Reflection Code: TAC-ACT0009
Multiple Intelligence
Bloom's Taxonomy
Instructional Strategy
Indirect Instruction
English Language Arts
Objective: To illustrate an activity Theme: Feeling
1 pencil per learner
1 box of crayons per learner
Prep Time: 0-15 minutes   
  • Gather this week's Totetude Reflection Journals.

Location: Indoors    Engaged Time: 20-30 minutes
  1. As a whole group, review and discuss the daily activities.
  2. Hand out the FEELING Totetude Reflection Journal to each learner.
  3. Review that for this week a smile impliesĀ happy, a straight face impliesĀ fine, and a frown impliesĀ sad.
  4. Have the learners evaluate their Thursday by marking a face in their journal on Thursday's page.
  5. Then ask the learners to draw a picture of their favorite activity from today.
  6. As the learners are drawing, the educator should walk around and ask each learner to justify his/her choice of face.
  7. If the learner chose a frown, then the discussion can lead to ways to improve for the next day.
  8. The educator may wish to write down what the learners dictate.
  9. Collect the Totetude Reflection Journals.
  • I am able to draw a picture of something I learned.
  • I am able to select my favorite activity from today.
  • I am able to remember the daily activities.
Independently        With Guidance        With Difficulty
Cleanup: 0-10 minutes
Personal Notes: