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Title: Apply Feeling: Emotional Cow Game Code: TAC-BL0007
Multiple Intelligence
Bloom's Taxonomy
Instructional Strategy
Experiential Learning
Objective: To give an example Theme: Feeling
Prep Time: 0-15 minutes   

Location: Anywhere    Engaged Time: 20-30 minutes

  1. Ask learners to say as many feelings as they can remember.
  2. With each feeling, demonstrate a sound someone would say if they had that feeling.  Examples would include crying if we are sad, screaming if we were excited, yawing if we were tired, etc.
  3. Educator explains that everyone is going to pretend to be a cow.  What does a cow say? Moo.
  4. Allow learners to  walk around and pretend to be a cow.
  5. Educator states, "Okay cows, when I say a feeling, you show me that feeling.  Remember, you are only allowed to say moo."
  6. Give an example of an angry cow, "MOO!" or a tired cow, "m-o-o-o-o-o-o-o".
  7. Educator calls out different feelings and learners show how a cow would act if they had that feeling.


  • Try other animals too.

  • I am able to give an example of a sound.
  • I am able to try new things.
  • I am able to make suggestions with confidence.
Independently        With Guidance        With Difficulty
Cleanup: 0-10 minutes
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