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Title: Understand Safety Code: TAC-BL0011
Multiple Intelligence
Bloom's Taxonomy
Instructional Strategy
Direct Instruction
English Language Arts
Objective: To explain information Theme: Safety
1 discussion board per whole group
1 package of discussion board markers per whole group
Prep Time: 15-30 minutes   

  • Gather materials.
  • Print and cut out the Totetude Understand Safety Printable.
  • Arrange the photos and text onto the discussion board.

Location: Indoors    Engaged Time: 20-30 minutes

  1. Educator states, "This week we will learn about SAFETY."
  2. Show the learners the word SAFETY.
  3. Educator then states (pointing to each letter), "S. A. F. E. T. Y. spells the word SAFETY."
  4. Learners repeat by spelling and reading the word SAFETY.
  5. Discuss what the learners already know about SAFETY.
  6. Educator continues the activity by stating, "This week we will learn about safety in our homes, on our bikes, in our community, and in an automobile - like a car or truck."
  7. Discuss the safety rules for a fire.  Have a learner demonstrate how to STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Ask another learner to restate the rules.
  8. Discuss bike safety.  Have a learner restate the safety rules.
  9. Discuss sign safety.  Have a learner restate the sign rules.
  10. Discuss seat belt safety.  Have a learner restate the seat belt rules.
  11. Explain to the class that rules are important.  They keep us and others safe.  

  • Ask learners to demonstrate being safe in a play or skit.
Totetude safety understand photo
  • I am able to explain the word safety.
  • I am able to remember safety rules.
  • I am able to raise my hand and wait until called on to talk.
Independently        With Guidance        With Difficulty
Cleanup: 0-10 minutes
Personal Notes: