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Title: Analyze Safety Code: TAC-BL0013
Multiple Intelligence
Bloom's Taxonomy
Instructional Strategy
Indirect Instruction
English Language Arts
Objective: To place information into categories Theme: Safety
1 scissors per learner
1 glue bottle/ stick per learner
1 box of crayons per learner
Prep Time: 0-15 minutes   

  • Gather materials.
  • Print Totetude Safe or Unsafe (per learner).

Location: Indoors    Engaged Time: 20-30 minutes

  1. Educator hands out the Totetude Safe or Unsafe printable to each learner.
  2. Educator goes through each picture and the learners discuss what is happening in picture.  The educator may need to offer hints as to what the main message is in each picture.
  3. Educator reads the instructions and demonstrates proper scissor techniques. 
  4. Learners color, cut, and glue each picture on either the safe or unsafe page.
  5. Conclude the lesson with a group discussion and an explanation of the answers.


  • Allow learners to draw and color their own safe and unsafe situations in the blank spaces on their printables.

  • I am able to categorize pictures.
  • I am able to use scissors.
  • I am able to paste objects within boundaries.
Independently        With Guidance        With Difficulty
Cleanup: 0-10 minutes
Personal Notes: