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Title: Create Safety: Car Town Code: TAC-BL0015
Multiple Intelligence
Bloom's Taxonomy
Instructional Strategy
Independent Study
Social Sciences
Objective: To draw an idea before it is built or made Theme: Safety
1 toy car per learner
(Optional) 1 roll of painter's tape for prep
(Optional) ~ 14 items in a community (trees, people, etc.) per whole group
Prep Time: 30-45 minutes   

  • Gather materials.
  • Make signs with the Totetude Signs Printable (optional).
  • Make roads with the painter's tape (optional).

Location: Anywhere    Engaged Time: 20-30 minutes

  1. Review with learners the importance of crosswalk safety.  "Why should we cross at a crosswalk? What could happened if we don't make eye contact with a driver?  Why should we walk across the end of a street and not between parked cars?  What could happen if we run or skip across the street?"
  2. Allow learners to work as a group and set up a community for independent play.
  3. After the allotted time, learners clean up.


  • Go for a walk in the community and practice crosswalk safety.  

Totetude safety community 1
Totetude safety community 2
  • I am able to design a community.
  • I am able to use an indoor voice.
  • I am able to work on a team project.
Independently        With Guidance        With Difficulty
Cleanup: 10-15 minutes
Personal Notes: