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Activity: Grass Face


to clean work area


1 scissors  for prep
1 roll of tape  per whole group
1 plastic container  per learner
1 cup of soil  per learner
1 packet of seeds  per learner
1 plastic spoon  per learner
~ 4 tablespoons of water  per learner
1 pencil  per learner
1 box of crayons  per learner
(Optional)  1 roll of tape  for prep
(Optional)  1 photo of learner's face  per learner

Supporting Media:


  • Gather materials.
  • Print and cut out a Totetude Face Template per learner. 
  • Tape learners' photos onto plastic containers (optional).


  1. Discuss the questions: Does nature have feelings?  If she did, how would she feel if someone planted flowers?  How would she feel if someone threw garbage on the ground?  How do you feel when you are outside in nature?
  2. Educator hands out the Totetude Face Template and the learners draw a face on them.  Optionally, the educator can hand out the plastic container with the learners' face already taped onto it.  If the option is chosen, skip to step 4.
  3. Educator helps learners to tape their finished drawing onto the plastic container.  The educator can use this brief moment to compliment the learners on their drawings.  For example, "I like the color you chose.  I'm glad you chose a smile.  It looks wonderful.  I can tell you put a lot of effort into your work."
  4. Educator then discusses what seeds need in order to grow.  Seeds need soil for food (minerals and vitamins), water to drink, and sunlight to grow stronger and taller.
  5. Educator demonstrates how to plant the seeds. 
  • Scoop soil into the plastic container with a spoon.
  • Poke a couple of holes into the soil with your finger.
  • Place a seed or two into each hole.  
  • Cover up the holes.
  • Sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of water onto the plastic container.
      6.  Educator passes out the materials for the learners to plant their seeds.

       7. Learners clean their area while singing the Totetude Cleaning Song. 


  • The learners can find sunny spots to place their Grass Face.


  • I am able to clean my work area.
  • I am able to get along well with others.
  • I am able to follow steps in order.



30-45 minutes
20-30 minutes
10-15 minutes


  • Outdoors
  • Indoors


Multiple Intelligence
Bloom Taxonomy
Instructional Strategy
Experiential Learning
Science and Technology

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