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Activity: Rock Paper Scissors Part 1


to follow a procedure


(Optional)  1 rock  per whole group
(Optional)  1 piece of paper  per whole group
(Optional)  1 scissors  per whole group

Supporting Media:


  • Gather materials.


  1. Educator holds up a real rock, paper, and scissors.  Ask the students if they know what these items are.
  2. Educator states, "Today we will begin to learn a new game called Rock Paper Scissors.  To play this game, all we need is our hand.
  3. The educator holds up the rock and says, "First you need to make your hand look like a rock.  Make a fist like this." Show a fist.  Learners also make a fist to represent a rock.
  4. The educator holds up the piece of paper and says, "Now you need to make your hand look like a piece of paper.  Lie your hand out like this."  Extend your fingers out flat.  Learners also lie their hands out flat to represent a piece of paper.
  5. The educator holds up the scissors slightly opened and says, "Finally, you need to make your index and middle fingers into scissors." Show your index and middle fingers pointing forward with a space between them.  Learners also make scissors with their index and middle fingers.
  6. Call out either rock, paper, or scissors and have the learners make the objects with their hands. Repeat until all the learners are correctly following the directions.
  7. Now explain that when playing this game, rock wins over scissors.  Hold up the rock and lightly hit the scissors.
  8. Explain that scissors win over paper.  Hold up the piece of paper and cut it with the scissors.
  9. Finally explain that paper wins over rock.  Wrap the rock with the paper.
  10. The educator uses his/her hand to hold out either a rock/paper/scissors and the learners have to show with their hands the item that wins.


  • I am able to follow the rules of a game.
  • I am able to show a paper/rock/scissors with my hands.
  • I am able to rank items.



0-15 minutes
10-20 minutes
0-10 minutes


  • Anywhere


Multiple Intelligence
Bloom Taxonomy
Instructional Strategy
Experiential Learning
Physical Education and Health

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