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Activity: The Scream


to paste objects within boundaries


1 scissors  for prep
20 pieces of yarn cut at various lengths  per learner
1 bottle of glue  per learner
(Optional)  1 clear 4X6 photo holder  per learner
(Optional)  1 transparency sheet  per learner
(Optional)  1 picture of the learner screaming  per learner

Supporting Media:


  • Gather materials.
  • Pre-cut yarn.
  • Print The Scream by: Edvard Munsch.
  • Print a Totetude The Scream Blank printable (for each learner).
  • Pre-cut learners photos to fit onto their Totetude The Scream Blank printable (optional).
  • Create a Totetude Art Viewer and place in photo holder for each learner (optional).
  • Print Totetude General Art Questions (optional).


  1. Learners discuss what makes them scream.  How do they feel when they scream (scared, terrified, excited, etc.)?
  2. Educator shows the artwork entitled The Scream by: Edvard Munsch and states the artist and title. 
  3. At first glance, the learners describe what they see in the artwork.
  4. Through the Totetude Art Viewer, the learners discuss what they see in each section of the grid.
  5. Educator asks the learners specific questions about the artwork.  Example: a) Who is in this picture?  b) Where is he? c) How does he feel?  d) Why do you think he feels that way?  e) What do you think is happening in the artwork?  f) Why do you think Munsch created this painting? g) Why did Munsch call his artwork Scream?
  6. Each learner is given a Totetude The Scream printable.  They should either glue their body onto the picture or draw a picture of a scared person onto the printable.
  7. Finally, learners glue pieces of yarn to follow the lines on the artwork.


  • Educator can end the activity with the saying, "You scream.  I scream.  We all scream for - ICE CREAM!"


  • I am able to paste yarn within boundaries.
  • I am able to put materials away in their proper place.
  • I am able to share materials.



30-45 minutes
30-45 minutes
10-15 minutes


  • Indoors


Multiple Intelligence
Bloom Taxonomy
Instructional Strategy
Experiential Learning
Visual Arts
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April 27, 2014 3:13pm

Diane Marie Squires:

This is a great activity to teach children that just a dot or two of glue is all you need. When too much glue is used, the paper gets damp. Also, let the activity fully dry before hanging it up!