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Book Club

At Totetude, teaching literacy skills is a top priority. Our Totetude Book Club offers a valuable resource to allow children to read with confidence and excitement.

Getting Started

Assemble a Totetude Journal per child. The journal is composed of:

  1. A copy of the ;
  2. a 3-pronged folder (a.k.a. duo-tang);
  3. several copies of the or one of the pre-built collection journals;
  4. a large plastic Book Bag Buddy (re-sealable Zip-Loc bag);
  5. achievement chart.
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Pre-built Collections

Collection: Bob Books
Bob books 128504c6a1fe27f7e8c9fb0d9aff98d209c96e696cf618777c68b75e90c22050
  Alphabet Buy
  Pre-Reading Skills Buy
  Rhyming Words Buy
  Sight Words Kindergarten Buy
  Sight Words First Grade Buy
  Set 1: Beginning Readers Buy
  Set 2: Advanced Readers Buy
  Set 3: Word Families Buy
  Set 4: Complex Words Buy
  Set 5: Long bowels Buy
Collection: Little Leveled Readers
Scholastic little leveled readers d7c6faacb2af7496bb14202c43851b66951a5bb4acb892d6f6f126d41d93ccd7
  Level A Buy
  Level B Buy
  Level C Buy
  Level D Buy