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Product Review: Crazy Pants by Chatterbox Toys

Upon opening Crazy Pants by Chatterbox Toys, I was pleasantly surprised by several features. The first of which was the instruction page. Normally I find a quick run-down of contents and basic rules. You know, that three-minute user guide to get you well on your way to use the product. With Crazy Pants, that was not the immediate intention. Of course there was a list of contents and easy to read rules; however, there was also something much more valuable. There was a unique page. A page that describes how to promote listening and language development. I took a few moments to acquaint myself with not only how to play the game, but also how to enrich the fun with the inclusion of developing language skills. With just a few moments more, I was capable of engaging my children in different aspects of speech while playing Crazy Pants.

In addition to the instruction page, I was also pleasantly surprised by how versatile Crazy Pants was to play. After our family played the four recommended games, we decided to create new games by ourselves! And why not? We played a variation of Go Fish, which we called Go Shopping. We also played a game of I Have, Who Has? It was at this moment that I realized Crazy Pants was truly a quality product. Why? Because we were spending quality time together, using our imagination, and communicating with open dialogue.

Which brings me to yet another pleasant surprise. Open dialogue. The whole time playing with Crazy Pants, questions arose from my two young children.

  • "Why are there gloves on a clothesline in the summer?"
  • "What are on those pants (pointing to overalls)?"
  • "Why would someone have a red shirt and then a red shirt with a star? Hey, it is like the Sneetches from Dr. Seuss isn't it?"
  • "This person has a lot of shirts and no underwear. Do they wear shirts for underwear?"

With that said, Crazy Pants is not without a flaw. Although the game is intended for up to four players, we only had 24 game pieces. To play bingo, each player was to be given 8 pieces. We would have needed 32 pieces if all four game boards were to be used. I would also throw in an extra 4 (total 36 pieces) so that a black out bingo could be played. This problem was easily remediated by using spare poker chips we already owned.

So is Crazy Pants colorful? Sturdy? Educational? Interactive? Definitely yes to all of these questions. Exactly as Crazy Pants claims, "Learning to listen has never been so crazy fun!"

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