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Reflection Journal

Totetude believes that metacognition begins at an early age. To become life-long learners, we should always reflect on our learning progress. For this reason, Totetude has made a mini reflection journal intended to use with any theme. At the end of the day, each learner will think back on how his/her day was and rate it by circling either a smile, straight face, or frown. The learner is then able to draw a small picture related to what was learned.

Directions to fold Totetude Reflection Journal

  1. Fold paper in half length-wise. Crease edge.
  2. You now see Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  3. Reflection journal instructions 1 bbd2d274b03ba11149a7558a4ea918eda0d73a9052bf6a4ba4ea89bf9104480d Cut off the dotted grey line.
  4. Fold paper in half height-wise. Crease edge.
  5. You now see Theme and Monday.
  6. Open journal back to step two.
  7. Reflection journal instructions 2 d2e08d0b5ee449078e3d337ee7642433e322c3c9237231a3b7d24b6bbaf04f1c While holding the top edges, push the ends together to form a star.
  8. Crease all the outer star edges.
  9. Close the journal so that Name is the first page, followed by pages Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.