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Theme: Feeling

Totetude Feeling Activities

Totetude suggests the following calendar of carefully-selected activities during the week of the "Feeling" theme:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Motor Activity TAC-MS0006 Miss Mary Mack TAC-MS0007 Playdough Faces TAC-MS0008 Jumping Into A Feeling TAC-MS0009 Crocodile TAC-MS0010 FEELING Dance
Morning Circle Time Attendance, Good Morning Song, Calendar with events, Days of the Week Song, Weather discussion, Alphabet Song, Number Song, and Social interaction (game/skill/I.Q.s).
TAC-IQ0002 FEELING IQs TAC-SK0006 Express Your Feeling TAC-IQ0002 FEELING IQs TAC-SK0007 Identifying Feelings of Others TAC-IQ0002 FEELING IQs TAC-SK0008 Model Identifying Feelings of Others TAC-IQ0002 FEELING IQs TAC-SK0009 Practice Identifying Feelings of Others TAC-IQ0002 FEELING IQs TAC-SK0010 Use the Skill of Identifying Feelings
Intelligence Activity TAC-G0006 Grass Face TAC-G0007 My Book About Feelings TAC-G0008 If You Are Happy and You Know It TAC-G0009 When I Am I Can TAC-G0009B FEELING Math Word Problem TAC-G0010 Face Maker
Bloom Activity TAC-BL0006 Understand Feeling TAC-BL0007 Apply Feeling: Emotional Cow Game TAC-BL0008 Analyze Feeling TAC-BL0009 Evaluate Feeling Meter TAC-BL0010 Create Feeling: Creature Feature
Craft Activity TAC-T0006 Paper Plate Feelings TAC-T0007 Letter E TAC-T0008 The Scream TAC-T0008B Crying Girl TAC-T0009 Crocodile Foot TAC-T0010 FEELING Original
Afternoon circle time Sight word, Totetude Reflection Journal, and Goodbye Song .
TAC-SW0002 AND TAC-ACT0006 Monday FEELING Reflection TAC-SW0002 AND TAC-ACT0007 Tuesday FEELING Reflection TAC-SW0002 AND TAC-ACT0008 Wednesday FEELING Reflection TAC-SW0002 AND TAC-ACT0009 Thursday FEELING Reflection TAC-SW0002 AND TAC-ACT0010 Friday FEELING Reflection

Consult the Recommended Schedule for more detailed information.

Materials List for calendar

The activities in the above recommended calendar will, collectively, require these materials:

Customize for: learner(s) ,
audio device 1 per group
blank piece of paper 1 per learner
bottle of glue 1 per learner
bottle of glue/glue stick 1 per learner
box of crayons 1 per learner
brass fasteners (brads) 1 per learner
chalk of different colors approximately 4 for prep
cup of soil 1 per learner
discussion board 1 per group
envelope 1 per learner
eraser 1 per learner
finger length pieces of yarn 4 per learner
glue bottle/ stick 1 per learner
googley eyes approximately 2 per learner
hole puncher 1 per learner
hula hoop 1 for prep
hula hoop/ container 3 per group
letter E 1 per group
marker 1 per learner
metal ring / yarn (per learner) 1 for prep
package of discussion board markers 1 per group
packet of seeds 1 per learner
paintbrush 1 per learner
paper plates 3 per learner
pencil 1 per learner
pencil or dry-erase marker 1 per learner
photos of people's faces approximately 10 per group
pieces of yarn cut at various lengths 20 per learner
plastic container 1 per learner
plastic spoon 1 per learner
playdough (hand-sized ball) 1 per learner
popsicle sticks 6 per learner
red marker 1 per learner
roll of tape 1 per group
ruler 1 per learner
scissors 1 for prep
small cup of green washable paint 1 per group of 2 learners
small piece of material or scarf 1 per learner
small toy or wooden block 1 per learner
song 1 per group
specific letter stamps approximately 4 per group of 2 learners
sponge for cleaning 1 per group of 2 learners
stamp pad/ paint approximately 1 per group of 2 learners
story about feelings 1 per group
tablespoons of water approximately 4 per learner
wet wipes/ paper towels approximately 3 per learner
(Optional) binder 1 per learner
(Optional) camera 1 per group
(Optional) child-friendly magazine approximately 1 per learner
(Optional) clear 4X6 photo holder 1 per learner
(Optional) clear-plastic sheet protector 1 for prep
(Optional) container 1 per group
(Optional) glue stick or tape 1 for prep
(Optional) highlighter 1 per learner
(Optional) hole-puncher 1 for prep
(Optional) mirror 1 per group of 2 learners
(Optional) photo of learner's face 1 per learner
(Optional) picture of the learner screaming 1 per learner
(Optional) plastic dull knife 1 per learner
(Optional) scrap pieces of colored paper approximately 4 per learner
(Optional) small pieces of building materials (Legos, tooth picks, playdough, etc.) approximately 4 per learner
(Optional) soothing music 1 per group
(Optional) story (My Friend is Sad by: Mo Willems) 1 per group
(Optional) timer 1 per group
(Optional) transparency sheet 1 per learner
(Optional) Wikki Stix Letter E 1 per learner

Literature involving Feeling

Name Author
How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids Tom Rath & Mary Reckmeyer
When Sophia Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry... Molly Bang
Grumpy Bird Jeremy Tankard
Ish Peter H. Reynolds
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak
Feelings Aliki
Knuffle Bunny Mo Willems
How Do You Feel? (Care Bears) Samantha Brooke
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Bernard Waber
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Judith Viorst
The Pigeon Has Feelings Too Mo Willems
My Friend Is Sad Mo Willems
Happy Hippo, Angry Duck: A Book of Moods Sandra Boynton
The Way I Feel Janan Cain
The Grouchy Ladybug Eric Carle
The Grumpy Morning Pamela Duncan Edwards
Wemberly Worried Kevin Henkes
Swimmy Leo Lionni
Aggie the Brave Lori Ries

Vocabulary for Feeling

Art for Feeling

Name Artist
The Scream Edvard Munch
Crying Girl Roy Liechtenstein

Animals relevant to Feeling

Social Skills for Feeling

  • identifying feelings of others

Music for Feeling

Name Artist
Happy Pharrell Williams
I Gotta Feeling The Backyardigans

Jokes about Feeling

  • Q: Why was the math book sad? A: Because it had too many problems.
  • Q: Why did the cookie go to the hospital? A: He felt crummy.

Toys related to Feeling

Name Manufacturer
Kimochi Mini Mixed Bag Kimochis
Wikki Stix Alphabet Fun Cards for Learning Wikki Stix

Outings related to Feeling

  • Puppet Theater

Snacks related to Feeling

Movies related to Feeling

Title Year Producer
Wreck-It Ralph 2012 Walt Disney Pictures (Clark Spencer)
Happy Feet 2006 Warner Brothers