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Theme: Respect

Totetude Respect Activities

Totetude suggests the following calendar of carefully-selected activities during the week of the "Respect" theme:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Motor Activity TAC-MS0001 Three-Legged Race TAC-MS0002 Clothespin Letter Matching TAC-MS0003 Door Opener TAC-MS0004 Fox TAC-MS0005 RESPECT Dance
Morning Circle Time Attendance, Good Morning Song, Calendar with events, Days of the Week Song, Weather discussion, Alphabet Song, Number Song, and Social interaction (game/skill/I.Q.s).
TAC-IQ0001 RESPECT IQs TAC-SK0001 Pass The Ball and Listen TAC-IQ0001 RESPECT IQs TAC-SK0002 Understanding the Need for Rules TAC-IQ0001 RESPECT IQs TAC-SK0003 Model the Need For Rules TAC-IQ0001 RESPECT IQs TAC-SK0004 Practice the Need For Rules TAC-IQ0001 RESPECT IQs TAC-SK0005 Use the Classroom Rules
Intelligence Activity TAC-G0001 Picnic TAC-G0002 I Am Respectful TAC-G0003 Follow the Rhythm TAC-G0004 Gingerbread Number Man TAC-G0004B RESPECT Math Word Problem TAC-G0005 RESPECT Poster
Bloom Activity TAC-BL0001 Understand RESPECT TAC-BL0002 Apply RESPECT TAC-BL0003 Analyze RESPECT TAC-BL0004 Evaluate RESPECT TAC-BL0005 Create RESPECT
Craft Activity TAC-T0001 Respect the Earth TAC-T0002 Letter F TAC-T0003 Women of Tangier TAC-T0004 Hand Chain TAC-T0005 RESPECT Original
Afternoon circle time Sight word, Totetude Reflection Journal, and Goodbye Song .
TAC-SW0001 THE TAC-ACT0001 Monday RESPECT Reflection TAC-SW0001 THE TAC-ACT0002 Tuesday RESPECT Reflection TAC-SW0001 THE TAC-ACT0003 Wednesday RESPECT Reflection TAC-SW0001 THE TAC-ACT0004 Thursday RESPECT Reflection TAC-SW0001 THE TAC-ACT0005 Friday RESPECT Reflection

Consult the Recommended Schedule for more detailed information.

Materials List for calendar

The activities in the above recommended calendar will, collectively, require these materials:

Customize for: learner(s) ,
11X17 piece of paper (cut in half) 1 per group of 2 learners
audio device 1 per group
ball 1 per group
blank piece of paper 1 per learner
bottle of glue/glue stick 1 per learner
bottle of water 1 per learner
box of crayons 1 per learner
clothespins 33 per group
cones for finish line 2 per group of 2 learners
container 1 per group
container of water 1 per group of 2 learners
die (singular form of dice) 1 per learner
discussion board 1 per group
door handles approximately 5 per group
eraser 1 per learner
feathers approximately 4 per learner
fork 1 per learner
fox picture 1 per group
glue bottle/stick 1 per learner
glue stick 1 for prep
index cards 6 per group
large marker/dabber 1 per learner
large pencil 1 per learner
large piece of paper 1 per learner
letter F 1 per group
musical instrument 1 per learner
package of discussion board markers 1 per group
palette of multi-colored paints 1 per group of 2 learners
pencil 1 per learner
pencil or dry-erase marker 1 per learner
photo of a rule being broken 1 per learner
pictures of things/animals/people/places approximately 8 per group
piece of construction paper 1 per learner
scarf or bandana 1 per group of 2 learners
scissors 1 per learner
small (4X6) pictures of Women of Tangier by Dario Villares Barbosa 2 per learner
small piece of material or scarf 1 per learner
small toy or wooden block 1 per learner
snack 1 per learner
song 1 per group
specific letter stamps approximately 4 per group of 2 learners
sponge for cleaning 1 per group of 2 learners
stamp pad/ paint approximately 1 per group of 2 learners
story about following rules 1 per group
story of "The Gingerbread Man" 1 per group
timer 1 per group
toy approximately 1 per learner
wide popsicle sticks 6 per learner
(Optional) stickers approximately 18 per learner
(Optional) 2 feet / 60cm of yarn approximately 1 per learner
(Optional) binder 1 per learner
(Optional) blanket 1 per group
(Optional) clear 4X6 photo holder 1 per learner
(Optional) cookie cutter 1 per learner
(Optional) garbage bag 1 per group
(Optional) globe 1 per group
(Optional) highlighter 1 per learner
(Optional) hole-puncher 1 for prep
(Optional) large picture of Women of Tangier by Dario Villares Barbosa 1 per group
(Optional) magazine 1 per group of 2 learners
(Optional) magazine page with writing 1 per learner
(Optional) marker 1 for prep
(Optional) picture of learner's face 1 per learner
(Optional) poster of the rules posted 1 per learner
(Optional) rubber bands 2 per learner
(Optional) scrap pieces of colored paper approximately 4 per learner
(Optional) small pieces of building materials (Legos, tooth picks, playdough, etc.) approximately 4 per learner
(Optional) soothing music 1 per group
(Optional) stickers of specific letters 33 for prep
(Optional) story (No, David! by: David Shannon) 1 per group
(Optional) tissue box 1 per learner
(Optional) transparency sheet 1 per learner
(Optional) whistle 1 per group

Vocabulary for Respect

Art for Respect

Name Artist
Feeding Time Charles Collins
Women of Tangier Dario Villares Barbosa

Animals relevant to Respect


Social Skills for Respect

  • understanding the need for rules

Music for Respect

Name Artist
The Respect Song (Classroom Mix Version) Have Fun Teaching
All About Respect Song Mr. Stanley
What Does The Fox Say? Ylvis

Jokes about Respect

  • Knock. Knock, Who's There? Respect. Respect Who? Respect things, animals, people, and places!

Toys related to Respect

Name Manufacturer
Hand Puppets Melissa and Doug
Finger Puppets Titta Djur
Globe Explorer Leap Frog

Outings related to Respect

  • zoo
  • park

Movies related to Respect

Title Year Producer
Toy Story 1995 Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar

Centers for Respect