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Theme: Safety

Totetude Safety Activities

Totetude suggests the following calendar of carefully-selected activities during the week of the "Safety" theme:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Motor Activity TAC-MS0011 Stop, Drop, and Roll TAC-MS0012 Lid Matching TAC-MS0013 Red Light Green Light TAC-MS0014 Armadillo TAC-MS0015 SAFETY Dance
Morning Circle Time Attendance, Good Morning Song, Calendar with events, Days of the Week Song, Weather discussion, Alphabet Song, Number Song, and Social interaction (game/skill/I.Q.s).
TAC-IQ0003 SAFETY IQs TAC-SK0011 Rock Paper Scissors Part 1 TAC-IQ0003 SAFETY IQs TAC-SK0012 Talking to Strangers TAC-IQ0003 SAFETY IQs TAC-SK0013 Model Talking to Safe Strangers TAC-IQ0003 SAFETY IQs TAC-SK0014 Practice Talking to Strangers TAC-IQ0003 SAFETY IQs TAC-SK0015 Use the Skill of Talking to Strangers
Intelligence Activity TAC-G0011 Signage Walk TAC-G0011B Signage Search TAC-G0012 Calling 911 TAC-G0013 Safety Song TAC-G0014 Putting Out Fire Safely TAC-G0014B Observing Signs TAC-G0014C SAFETY Math Word Problem TAC-G0015 Making Signs TAC-G0015B Making Marshmallow Signs
Bloom Activity TAC-BL0011 Understand Safety TAC-BL0012 Apply Safety TAC-BL0013 Analyze Safety TAC-BL0014 Evaluate Safety: What Is More Important? TAC-BL0015 Create Safety: Car Town
Craft Activity TAC-T0011 Firetruck Craft TAC-T0012 Letter D TAC-T0013 The Man with the Golden Helmet TAC-T0014 Hands and Fingers Sign TAC-T0015 SAFETY Original
Afternoon circle time Sight word, Totetude Reflection Journal, and Goodbye Song .
TAC-SW0003 AM TAC-ACT0011 Monday SAFETY Reflection TAC-SW0003 AM TAC-ACT0012 Tuesday SAFETY Reflection TAC-SW0003 AM TAC-ACT0013 Wednesday SAFETY Reflection TAC-SW0003 AM TAC-ACT0014 Thursday SAFETY Reflection TAC-SW0003 AM TAC-ACT0015 Friday SAFETY Reflection

Consult the Recommended Schedule for more detailed information.

Materials List for calendar

The activities in the above recommended calendar will, collectively, require these materials:

Customize for: learner(s) ,
8 in./20 cm square of aluminum foil approximately 1 per learner
armadillo picture 1 per group
baking sheets or pie pans 2 per group
ball of soft dough/playdough 1 per learner
birthday candles approximately 5 per group
blank piece of paper 1 per learner
bottle of glue 1 per learner
bottle of glue/glue stick 1 per learner
box of crayons 1 per learner
box of markers 1 per learner
box of salt 1 per group of 2 learners
chairs approximately 4 per group
container of gold or yellow paint 1 per group of 2 learners
container of water 1 per group of 2 learners
cup of water 1 per group
dime 1 per learner
discussion board 1 per group
drinking straw approximately 1 per learner
eraser 1 per learner
fire escape plan 1 per group
glue bottle or tape 1 for prep
glue bottle/ stick 1 per learner
glue stick 1 per learner
hula hoop or doorway 1 per group
large glass container 1 per group
large marshmallows approximately 3 per learner
letter D 1 per group
lighter 1 per group
package of discussion board markers 1 per group
paint brush 1 per learner
paintbrush 1 per learner
palette of finger paints (red, yellow, and green) 1 per group of 2 learners
pencil 1 per learner
pencil or dry-erase marker 1 per learner
popsicle sticks approximately 6 per learner
popsicle sticks/ lollipop sticks approximately 3 per learner
roll of tape 1 for prep
scissors 1 per learner
small container of playdough 1 per group
small glass container 1 per group
small piece of material or scarf 1 per learner
small toy or wooden block 1 per learner
song 1 per group
specific letter stamps approximately 4 per group of 2 learners
sponge for cleaning 1 per group of 2 learners
stamp pad/ paint approximately 1 per group of 2 learners
story (The Berentstain Bears Learn About Strangers by: Stan and Jan Berenstain 1 per group
story about strangers 1 per group
toy car 1 per learner
tray or wide container 1 per group of 2 learners
various containers with lids approximately 6 per group
(Optional) 30 cm/1 foot of yarn approximately 1 per learner
(Optional) audio device 1 per group
(Optional) bell 1 per group
(Optional) binder 1 per learner
(Optional) bottle of dishwashing liquid 1 per group
(Optional) bottle of hydrogen peroxide 1 per group
(Optional) bottle of rubbing alcohol 1 per group
(Optional) box of edible markers 1 per group of 2 learners
(Optional) candy 1 per learner
(Optional) clear 4X6 photo holder 1 per learner
(Optional) container of playdough 1 for prep
(Optional) costumes approximately 2 per group
(Optional) exacto knife 1 for prep
(Optional) extra lids 3 per group
(Optional) feathers approximately 5 per learner
(Optional) felt or paper flames approximately 6 for prep
(Optional) fire extinguisher 1 per group
(Optional) glue stick or tape 1 for prep
(Optional) green circle 1 per group
(Optional) hand puppet 1 per learner
(Optional) highlighter 1 per learner
(Optional) hole-puncher 1 for prep
(Optional) items in a community (trees, people, etc.) approximately 14 per group
(Optional) picture of learner's head 1 per learner
(Optional) piece of paper 1 per group
(Optional) plastic bottle caps approximately 6 per learner
(Optional) popsicle stick 1 per learner
(Optional) Pretend phone 1 per learner
(Optional) red circle 1 per group
(Optional) rock 1 per group
(Optional) roll of painter's tape 1 for prep
(Optional) scrap pieces of colored paper approximately 4 per learner
(Optional) small pieces of building materials (Legos, tooth picks, playdough, etc.) approximately 4 per learner
(Optional) soothing music 1 per group
(Optional) timer 1 per group
(Optional) toxic stickers 2 per learner
(Optional) transparency sheet 1 per learner

Vocabulary for Safety

Art for Safety

Name Artist
The Man with the Golden Helmet Rembrandt

Animals relevant to Safety

Social Skills for Safety

  • following instructions

Music for Safety

Name Artist
9-1-1: The Emergency Number (Fire Safety Song for Kids) National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)
Fire Safety Song For Kids Novus Security
Fire Safety Video for Kids with SteveSongs & Sparky the Fire Dog SteveSongs

Jokes about Safety

  • Q: Why did the traffic light turn red? A: You would too if you had to change in the middle of the street!
  • Q: Why do firefighters wear red suspenders? A: to keep their pants up
  • Q: What did the traffic light say to the car? A: Don't look, I'm changing!

Toys related to Safety

Name Manufacturer
Toysmith Plastic Fireman Play Hat Toysmith
Melissa & Doug Police Officer Role Play Costume Set Melissa & Doug
Helmet Covers Helmet Headz

Outings related to Safety

  • bus ride
  • community walk
  • fire station

Snacks related to Safety

Movies related to Safety

Title Year Producer
Rio 2011 Blue Sky Studio
Madagascar 2005 DreamWorks Animation

Centers for Safety