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Theme: Weight

Totetude Weight Activities

Totetude suggests the following calendar of carefully-selected activities during the week of the "Weight" theme:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Motor Activity
Morning Circle Time Attendance, Good Morning Song, Calendar with events, Days of the Week Song, Weather discussion, Alphabet Song, Number Song, and Social interaction (game/skill/I.Q.s).
Intelligence Activity
Bloom Activity
Craft Activity
Afternoon circle time Sight word, Totetude Reflection Journal, and Goodbye Song .

Consult the Recommended Schedule for more detailed information.

Materials List for calendar

The activities in the above recommended calendar will, collectively, require these materials:

Customize for: learner(s) ,
box of crayons 1 per learner
glue bottle/stick 1 per learner
pencil 1 per learner
scissors 1 per learner
specific letter stamps approximately 4 per group of 2 learners
stamp pad/ paint approximately 1 per group of 2 learners
(Optional) scrap pieces of colored paper approximately 4 per learner
(Optional) small pieces of building materials (Legos, tooth picks, playdough, etc.) approximately 4 per learner

Literature involving Weight

Name Author
How Big is a Big? Stephen Strauss
I Fall Down Vicki Cobb
The Dragon's Scales Sarah Albee
The Hershey's Weights and Measures Book Jerry Pallotta
Tell Me How Much It Weighs Shirley Willis

Vocabulary for Weight

Art for Weight

Name Artist
Birds Meeting Patricia Quintero-Pinto

Animals relevant to Weight

Social Skills for Weight

  • avoiding being bossy

Music for Weight

Name Artist

Technology involving Weight

Jokes about Weight

Toys related to Weight

Name Manufacturer

Outings related to Weight

Snacks related to Weight

Movies related to Weight

Title Year Producer

Centers for Weight